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A rotator cuff injury is a common injury seen in both young and active adults. The injury itself may be an acute injury related to a fall or sudden lifting motion. Or it may be a chronic injury where it may not have been caused by one identifiable moment, but a culmination of these movements over time.

The rotator cuff is composed of four small muscles that meet the upper portion of your arm bone (humerus). The rotator cuff provides the strength to your arm to provide overhead motion and side-to-side motion of the arm. Dr. Aaron Bates, orthopedic shoulder specialist located in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Fleming Island, and Middleburg Florida, is a fellowship trained in treating rotator cuff injury and is dedicated to returning patients to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Rotator Cuff Injury Symptoms

  • Pain overtop of the joint and arm
  • Inability to lift shoulder above head
  • Pain that travels down to the elbow joint
  • Shoulder tenderness
  • Shoulder weakness
  • Shoulder inflammation

Diagnosis of a Rotator Cuff Injury

If an individual has experienced any of the above symptoms or has suffered from a traumatic injury, or from overuse of the shoulder, Dr. Aaron Bates will perform a thorough medical examination. During the exam, Dr. Bates will perform physical tests to search for pain, weakness, and any deformities in the injured area. Dr. Bates will carefully assess the patients range of motion and strength of the shoulder. A few tests, such as x-rays and an MRI, may also be performed to confirm the diagnosis.

Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment

In many cases, a rotator cuff injury can be treated without surgery. If the injury is minor, the rotator cuff may heal on its own. Physical therapy or PRP treatment may be indicated based on the severity of injury and patient activity level. If the patient has a more severe rotator cuff injury, surgery may be the best option for the patient. Dr. Bates will be able to provide his trained expertise on what may be the best course of action for the patient.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Rotator Cuff Injury

The goal of non-surgical treatment is to reduce inflammation, as well as strengthen the shoulder muscles that surround the injured area. Non-surgical treatment may include physical therapy, ice, heat, medication, and in some cases rest.

Surgical Treatment for Rotator Cuff Injury

Dr. Aaron Bates specializes in a minimally invasive arthroscopic approach for rotator cuff repairs. During an arthroscopic shoulder surgery, tiny “poke-hole” incisions are made in the shoulder, where Dr. Bates will view the injured rotator cuff through a small camera, enabling him to view the injury in greater detail than the human eye. Special surgical instruments are used to repair the tear, using the latest, most advanced, absorbent implants to repair the patients injury. The material of the implants used in surgery will eventually turn into bone, leaving the patient without any evidence of surgery in their body.

Rotator Cuff Repair

For more information on a rotator cuff injury, such as a rotator cuff tear, please contact Dr. Aaron Bates, orthopedic shoulder specialist in the Jacksonville, Orange Park, Fleming Island, and Middleburg Florida area.